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Tunde Adebimpe

“The Full Catastrophe”

Tunde Adebimpe is a musician, actor, director, and visual artist best known as the lead singer of the band TV On The Radio.

Tunde Adebimpe’s Artist Statement:
“I read about the idea of “the full catastrophe” a while ago in a self help-y book and it was described as a feeling or state of mind which, (and I’m totally paraphrasing) “embodies a supreme appreciation for the richness of life and also the inevitability of all of its dilemmas, sorrows, tragedies, and ironies. Dancing in the gale of the full catastrophe, celebrating life, laughing with it and at yourself, even in the face of personal failure and defeat, you can never be weighed down for long, never ultimately defeated either by internal or external forces." Sounds great and yet it’s increasingly a hard place to get to for anyone. It changes your expression, casts a lot of masks. This show is mostly portraits of a super, sub, and post human family immersed in and bearing witness to the full catastrophe; at least the one in my eyes and head in the North American Fall of 2018.  Happy Halloween.”

Performance by Tunde Adebimpe + Justin Daashuur Hopkins w/ Special Guests @ 8pm