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Tunde Adebimpe

Tunde Adebimpe is a Brooklyn-based musician, actor, director, and visual artist best know for his role as frontman and founder of the band TV On The Radio. Following his early career as an animator on MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch and acting role in the film Jump Tomorrow, he founded the Brooklyn-based indie rock band TV on the Radio in 2001 where he still actively maintains his role as lead vocalist. His musical career has been defined by occasional solo performances as well as numerous collaborations both independently and collectively ncluding projects with the likes of Massive Attack, Trent Reznor, and David Bowie.

In addition to musicianship, he also sustains an active visual art practice exploring a wide range of mediums including painting, drawing and mixed media. He has exhibited in both group and solo exhibitions including a live multimedia commission for the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis and released a self-published art comic titled “Plague Hero” in 2009.