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Sasoon Markarian

Sasoon Markarian is a Los Angeles-based visual artist and designer. His artistic practice incorporates a diverse range of mediums including paintings, material abstractions, textile re-imaginations, and installations. He heavily emphasizes experimentation in his works—through a multitude of processes, the resulting body of work acts as a channel between the alchemical manipulations and the organic nature of the materials, both intentionally and indirectly.

Adaption to the disciplines and forms in garment fabrication and silk screening has allowed for a fully realized visual landscape; his current work continues to expand through the process of procedural experimentation, dye manipulation, and industrial machinery implications. He has had several exhibitions in California and maintains a client portfolio including Kelly Wearstler, Bergdorf Goodman, DOSA, Santa Monica Museum of Art and the Craft & Folk Art Museum Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis.