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NOH/WAVE is proud to announce our anniversary exhibition and our first group show of 2018.

This show combines a wide range of visions and disciplines with the intent of exposing an ongoing dialogue with diverse aesthetic overlaps. From painted expressionistic watercolors to hyper-realist sculptural pieces, the work is a summation of the past 12 months and a quick glimpse of our future.

In addition, we are also celebrating the launch of the NOH/WAVE gift shop with new work by guest artists participating in the show as well as NOH/WAVE Alum.

Featured Artists:
Felipe Alonso
Tanya Batura
Loren Erdrich
Kim Kei
James Mountford
Daniel Segrove
Sarah Sitkin
Camilla Taylor
Emilio Villalba
Sid Watters
Timothy P Wilson

Curated by Justin Daashuur Hopkins