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NOH/WAVE is proud to present  our summer group exhibition, HEAT/WAVE, in conjunction with the celebration of the 100th episode of Artist Decoded by Yoshino.

The exhibit will present a diverse array of artists and mediums ranging from mixed media to experimental sculptures, as well as a featured projected piece by Tom Krell of How To Dress Well.

Featuring Artworks From:
Mia Bergeron
Yushi Dangami
Jesse Draxler
Stephanie Hanes
Andrew Hem
Justin Daashuur Hopkins
Kim Kei
Steve Kim
Sasoon Markarian
James Mountford
Daniel Segrove
Camilla Taylor
Emilio Villalba
John Wentz
Aaron Westerberg

In addition to original artworks, there will be plenty of merch and custom clothing for sale at our pop-up gift shop.

Curated by Justin Daashuur Hopkins