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Daniel Segrove

Daniel Segrove is a San Francisco-based visual artist. After obtaining his BFA from the Academy of Art University with a focus on painting, his interests led him to return to re-engage with graphite and charcoal as he explored a new dimension of drawing. His explorations of traditional subjects such as portraits and the human form are unconventional often incorporating fragmented imagery and challenging composition. His work frequently explores the nature of surfaces and the use of paper in an active role, both as a concept and a means of self- expression rather than as simply a passive tabula rasa upon which to draw.

He maintains a philosophy of experimentation and intuition to create dynamic figurative works of art, juxtaposing traditional figurative realism with abstraction and minimalism in visual and psychological contrast through the incorporation of mixed media including charcoal, graphite, oil paint, acrylic, pastel and collage. He has exhibited widely both domestically and internationally and has also completed numerous high-profile illustrations and commissions.