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Andrew Hem

Andrew Hem is a Los Angeles-based visual artist. Born during his parents' flight from Cambodia in the wake of the Khmer Rogue genocide, he was raised in the balance between the rural animistic society of his Khmer ancestors and the dynamic urban arts of the tough Los Angeles neighborhood where his family eventually came to reside. Fascinated by graffiti at an early age, he honed his skills with graphics and composition on  city walls before pursuing a passion for figure drawing towards a degree in illustration from Art Center College of Design.

Working in gouache, oil and acrylic, he weaves atmospheric, richly textured narratives that express his haunting impressions of culture and landscape through the visionary manifestation of memories and dreams. In addition to numerous exhibitions worldwide from New York to Italy, his personal work has been featured in numerous illustration publications and he has lectured at such institutions as the Otis College of Art and Design and Art Center College of Design.